Changdeokgung Palace , Seoul

This is a photo tour of Changdeokgung  Palace, Seoul , S.Korea – I had visited in February ,2011.  I had, so unlike me , managed to misplace the photos earlier :(

Just today , I was able to locate its Picasa album ( remember Picasa? older cousin of Instagram) which I had uploaded around that time . I downloaded the photos from there but I am a little skeptical that the quality of the downloaded  is not as great as the original photos.But that’s what I am left with.So here they go .

( By the way , its  a simple point and shoot  and the feelings that go behind the pictures :) , so do not try comparing  the aesthetics or technicalities with a DSLR  there )

SL370205So, Welcome to Chang-deok Palace.This is the main entrance from where the English guided tour commences

SL370208I actually don’t remember what it meant ( not good for a photo tour,hmm)

SL370210The deserted looking main entrance behind when all the commotion moved along with the tour

The palace in front.The pointed things on either side of rooftop are actually zodiac animals from Chinese astrology.They are believed to ward off the evil eye.All palaces have essentially these characters on the rooftops.

SL370215Between the palace and the giant entrance is this courtyard , the stones are positioned where the courtmen would stand when meeting with the king here 


SL370216So , the picture has not been taken very properly .What I wanted to capture here is that wherevere there are stairs or an entrance they are divided into three parts -the middle one for the king – and the other two for the courtmen or his bodyguards


SL370217 Look at the lights hanging from the ceiling! Oh , btw,this is the throne of the king  in front

SL370220The next few photos are just to soak in the sheer colours of the palace- quitely 






SL370227Loved the sun rays spreading its wings 

SL370231A room in palace for playing games and casual chats

SL370235Notice the paper doors of the rooms 

SL370237The corridors – little above the head 



SL370242The modern Seoul forming the backdrop of an important piece of history 


SL370246The frozen lake with Royal library in background

SL370244Can’t help taking picture of tress against sky , in this case ,dried by the harsh winter of Korea

Entrance to the library – notice the three part stairs and two small adjoining entrance on either side of main one -and same for the library behind

Minseon and me – I would have known nothing about Korea if not for her 



SL370262Me – Circa 2011 , all wrapped up with my first winter in sub zero degree

SL370269This one is specially for people of India – please take a cue from your Korean brothers , everywhere I saw , they had put special efforts to save every tree they could ,at the same time , valuing people’s convenience and safety

You never get old , once you cross this door -so goes the saying( doesn’t seem to be working although)

A common style of room , a small hollow basement for lighting the fire in winters which keeps the whole floor warm ,the doors are made of paper 


The common man’s house , uncolored 


The red thing hanging from roof top is a fire detector cum sprinkler – since the whole palace is mostly wood and paper.

Rows of rooms – in a common man’s house – found it interesting and odd

The next picture tells what’s so special about the tree


A last photo with the palace door while we get ready to exit 

In the campus , is a museum where these Korean dolls took my fancy 

And paper dolls


Spotted ! “Yoga” 

So that was Changdeokgung palace in short for you .To understand more about the historical and architectural significance of it, read its wiki here .

Meanwhile , I have unearthed a lot of Korean jewels ( read photos) in my Picasa , so hopefully , I’d come back for more .

Till then ,
Keep Exploring



3 thoughts on “Changdeokgung Palace , Seoul

  1. Oh Deeksha, thank you so much for putting this up! I dream of visiting that place one day, as I used to be addicted to Korean historical dramas (have not watched one in a long time, must do something about that…) I enjoyed the style, the proportions, and the detail of this gorgeous building. And your picture, of course :)

    • Elisabethkhan , you havent written for so long :) , i was almost about to comment.. Btw, korea is a must visit place , it has all the flavors , any traveller can think of.

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