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I am a hopelessly romantic person – when it comes to movies. And as much I love hollywood rom-coms, I look forward to light hearted romantic offerings from bollywood. But except a very few, most of them have dismayed me.But some movies, I have enjoyed to the hilt- not necessary that they are classy , or cult or a laughter machine,or mushy for that matter , but there are some movies that take you to a place and time where you feel you are cruising along with characters and you wish the movie would go on and on and on and it would never end.Like  a season of Friends.LPN was one such movie.I loved the songs of the movie , and aditi and ali zaffar in lead roles looked too irresistible to be missed.I have always wondered why such a beautiful lady as Aditi Rao wasn’t bagging some lead role.So, that was an added reason to watch this movie- beautiful Aditi.

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I am having a movie fiesta going on.Thanks to this huge LCD in my room in Suwon ‘s(suburb of Seoul) guest house , I am  indulging in movies like never before.I remember when I bought laptop back in 2007,my preference was not a  sleek, light weight model, but the one with a good screen size , so it actually turned out  a brick-heavy one because of my inclination.
So,in chronological order I had a taste of these movies :

Avatar : great, because I finally got to know how a 3-D movie feels like( yes , it was my first 3D movie).I was doing on and off game with my 3-D glasses to remind myself to appreciate the 3-D ness of movie.The bad part was subtitles were in Korean(it was a part of team outing with Suwon’s team).I loved everything bluey bluey ,the flying good spirits,resplendent colours, animation quality ,location . Everything was so exotic, that when critics cribbed about storyline,I was like give him a break , people.Yes, it is Man vs Machines/Man vs Aliens always, but this was a beautiful one , and the message about embracing nature was great.

Seven Pounds : it was heart rendering to see Will Smith in so much pain, he is my hot-favs like.Boy, he made me hate jelly fishes.It was heavy stuff for me , I was sobbing by the end of the movie.But I loved the part where he comes out of blue and transforms people’s lives.Though “heavy” is the word.

Rocket Singh :Such a simple and effective message in such a far fetched would love the casting part in start, it captures a middle class household’s most trivial and common things in a colorful scape.Prem Chopra,this the first time in his entire career, I liked him in some role ( he should be happy for that), the dialogues are great and catchy. Ranbeer has again shown his great acting skills   -good that he didn’t try fiddling with Punjabi -it could have ruined the whole thing.The characters are well thought out , especially the team of rocket Sales-is amazing.The entire cast is great.Except a few  basic facts which could have made the story feel like real,everything is perfect and in place.All while the movie,to me it felt like they are selling vacuum cleaners rather than computers; the way they sold.May be because it had more to do with hardware rather than software ,so.

Twilight 1 and 2 : I loooove teenage romance.Especially the protective boyfriends (who doesn’t?), I loved both the parts.

Three Idiots : good humour, good message , but again not very realistic setting. And why does Amir has to concentrate all the movie around him? Loved Chatur’s speech.

Kung fu Panda : Must watch .I love the East Asian touch to English speaking animation characters and swift Kungfu moves – one good thing is – it does not belong to one animal class, so you can see a tortoise , a panda, a tiger,an insect, a snake and a birdie too.Hats off, to the nice combination it creates and ofcourse the adorable Panda learning Kung-Fooo.

Valley of flowers

Valley of flowers is one place that is on top of my list of places I HAVE to visit  before I die and I somehow believe that my soul will keep shunting between the two worlds if I don’t get this wish fulfilled .Anyways,so I downloaded this movie Valley of flowers just because its name is Valley of Flowers.I was hoping I’ll get to get the glimpse of the valley or may be they will “atleast” tell something about the valley,but guess,despite somewhere being related to the theme,the movie guys showed nearly all valleys of Himalayas except this particular one only.But,that is not the point.The thing is -the movie is hauntingly captivating.I don’t know the technicalities the camera work comprises of , but it’s great in this movie-the Himalayas looked majestic-the valleys,the rivers,the rocky terrains,the costumes,the sages,mystic Eastern Asian philosophies,mysteries of Himalayas, the dialogues, the eerie supernatural touch , the plot, the suspense that hangs,beautiful and legendary portrayal of certain scenes- the subtle hints- I was glued to my PC.The sad part is – I could not understand  quite a few things in movie,which well, all “great” kind of movies never explain.But I fell in love with this movie.

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So, if anybody who reads this and has watched this movie , please explain to me –

from where did Ushna come?what was her purpose?Why did this elixir worked on its own will?And what on earth was causing Yeti-constipation – that he won’t let the two sweet lovers unite?

P.S. is valley of silence for real?

Fly Away home

So, I watched this movie yesternight- Fly away home.My friend Sangharsh had recommended this movie.And I had dismissed it as just-another-drama-movie  until I watched it.This movie had everything I had wished I could see in a single movie.The beautiful landscapes,farmlands,open fields, view from sky,lakes  and lovely geese of course.

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Amy,the little tough girl,her eyes carried the strength of her desire.They were alight with her determination,her single mindedness.A  fire alive with dreams,I love to see in one’s eyes,I could watch all this while in this movie.The crazy artist the dad is,how he can keep aside the rest of the world to follow one dream his daughter nurtures,free his mind is,is what I had wanted to see always.Free they fly and tame the sky.

The birds-when they fly high up in the sky  and when they flap their wings in the lake ,were a visual treat for me.

Colors,dreams,open sky,birds,bond with birds and animals,beautiful places,vast beautiful open earth,free minds,flow of thoughts,a cozy little family- I wished such things didn’t belong only to hollywood.They travelled to us,touched our  lives and made an artist out of each of us.

P.S. I loved the brown eyes of the Dad ;)