And our eyes meet

When I first met Pankaj , at BITS Pilani fest , in year 2004 ,on my B’day (yeah ! he was my 19th B’day gift )- the rush of feelings I had , the feeling you have when you meet your perfect guy out of the blue and he looks deeply into your eyes , as puzzled as you , trying to find the answer to the same question you are – is this for real?-I could very well sum up my feelings by  this poem ( picked from internet- as infatuated as I was/ am :) )

“Love Struck”

The world stopped turning
briefly, the other day
When you smiled at me
and glanced my way

In a second look
the Heavens, they fell through
My heart exploded
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You can never outsmart life .
The moment you think you have nailed it,
Learnt the fine art of survival,
That’s when life whispers in your ears
“Got ya!”
And it all comes back to square one
And you are left to rethink your strategy
What if you’ve run out of them?
O there is one, which should not fail
Or so I think
The strategy is to not have a strategy

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Train ki is bheed mein…

There are times in every married woman’s life when she feels she belongs to nowhere .She stands at crossroads with nowhere to go.It definitely happens to every woman once in her lifetime.When life brought one such moment to me , I penned down this poem.And as soon as I finished this poem , I lightened up ,my mind cleared up.

  12 -Jul-2011

Train ki is bheed mein
kho jana chahti hoon
na idhar jana chahti hoon
na udhar  jana chahti hoon

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My Golden buds

My golden buds
what color shall you have

A painted blue from moments of sorrow
or a tinge of purple from my love

Grays of my past
or a  serene white of hope for future

A touch of  bright pink
borrowed  from flowers
or Green from foliage on hills

or Will you rather be a Kaleidoscope
and carry all beautiful patterns
as these colors play together
and form – a day of my life

That dying princess

From another blog of an effort to collate all my posts here.It has been my first and last effort (till now) to weave a story in poem .It is a poem on treachery in love and was written spontaneously as an image appeared in my mind out of the blue of a deep silver moon in the background, a dying princess holding out her hand to her lover who is carrying a sword drenched in her blood.

Date : 8 January,2009
Time : 5:00 in the evening , but it’s already dark in my room

1)It’s a fateful full moon night, 
when two lovers were to meet,
but here he is,with sword in his hand

his face expressionless,
eyes carrying a hint of deceit.

a morbid silence envelopes the place
which helplessly heard her wails of pain
for he won’t stop,till her agony died down
so he stabbed her again and again.

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My wings

Posting a poem from another blog of mine here.A poem that I wrote for then-my-lover,now-my-husband,Pankh.

Something in my chest,
has been put to rest

Something in my breath,
goes out and comes in relaxed

Something in my gaze
has lost its haze

Something in my thoughts
is no more lost

Something in my dreams
now lets me comfortably sleep

Something in my days,
has stopped useless chase

Something in my face
now shows love’s grace

Something in my smile
is gentle and light

Something in my eyes,
dances like fireflies

Something in my laughter
has sought,what it was after

Something in me,
feels absolute free

Something in everything
reminds me of you -My wings

Looking back…

All I had seen was black and white
shallow thoughts,locked-my mind,
crawling on ground,no guts to fly
dreams in eyes,all I did was sigh,
time moved on,I decided  to fight,
chased my dreams,aimed for the heights.
I have reached a land,colorful and bright
My dreams are vivid, I fly so high