The Time Machine

–Pankaj Chaswal

Work of a brilliant mind,
The marvel of modern science,
A young wizard realised his dream,
The time machine.

Crowd stood goggle-eyed,
As he revealed the Olympian,
He kept it small and simple,
Like him, it looked humble.

Neither a car, nor a copter,
As simple as a box,
And yes wonderfully green,
The time machine.

No doors, and an open top,
One seat as he travelled alone,
Noiseless, it never jerked,
Believe me it always worked.

A woman was sent back in time,
with a set time of return,
She came back all peachy-keen,
The time machine.

I grabbed the next chance ,
Pressed a button out of ten,
I felt cold, felt without weight,
As I went back, to being eight.

You could only go back in time,
Can’t see the future, can’t change the past,
Safest science ever seen,
The time machine.

Once satisfied, the young genius,
Bowed before the crowd, and claps,
Abruptly he checked the time,
It was already nine.

Gathered his lego’s, crayons and toy train,
Ran up-to the TV,
Time for his favorite cartoon,
At channel thirteen.

“The time machine”

Dedicated to a little fellow. The one who can make you smile whatever the situation may be. And he had me so much impressed in an hour that i have been by anyone for quite a while.