Meeting Ruskin Bond

My smile says it all


22/11/15 5:30 pm

Yes, every word of mine has found its soul because I have grown up reading his books .

Shaking those hands that created the wonderland, we all Ruskin lovers dwell in  -an emotional and nervous experience.

More on it in a few days,when my words find a matching expression to what I felt.


Just another post

Its one of those Saturdays when I am at office,and some of the Saturdays in office pass like a breeze , but there are some on which  every moment drags itself and seems painfully longer.Today is one such Saturday.And the best thing I can do to make this Saturday feel better is -to write.

I realize I haven’t written in a long time, this when , lots of thoughts are taking shape in my mind. I am brimming with some  fantastic blog ideas , and those are the one I’d love to write about , but then , they require research,dedication and single- mindedness.So, I guess, I’ll wait for the right time, since there are so many higher priority things right now that need attention.

Behind the curtains, I have a few posts in drafts about my Mussorie trip – my rendezvous with nature and my thoughts on (read feelings  for )my favorite author- Ruskin bond, and a post on flowering trees of tropical regions – this latter post I plan to write every summer when I am besotted with beautiful Gulmohurs and Amaltas, but then somehow I end up just relishing  the experience and the pictures and post get lost in the ocean of my other hobbies and interests.
I think it has got something to do with the theme of the blog also, the pictures loose their quality and resolution once uploaded and lose their essence.So I guess , I need to fix up the issues with the blog pretty soon , because this is my place and I love it beautiful.

Meanwhile , I also realize that I have evolved a lot as a person post-marriage.But may be I’ll write a separate post on that too .That’s too long a thing to talk about and share (see my laziness is coming back to me).Other than that ,I also realize my interests change at a very high frequency.So, one of the weeks, I am hooked to all technical articles, and next week I am all about fashion blogs.Third week,I am frantic about health food recipes.And fourth, I am into painting and paper craft.Thankfully , all this time I stay committed to my work , else we would have serious problems here.Interesting thing is that they follow a cyclic pattern.So, fifth week , I come back to technical articles and so on.Sprinkle the weekends with movies,gardening and Ruskin bond books and that’s me – decoded.I still don’t know what I love the most out of all these activities , but I do love what all I do.

Another thing I have recently fallen in love with is -Sitcoms. Sex and the City re-runs’ last season has just concluded ( another post on that) and I am completely hooked to “Comedy Central”  now- I have just started exploring this channel and I find its light humorous shows a pleasure.This channel has been available in India just recently and I had gone completely unreasonable, after the local Cable wallah aired it as a tease one fine day .I called him up 100 times and checked d2h ‘s sites every other day to check when could I get the channel on my set top box.Finally , this week, Pankaj surprised me with getting a subscription for the channel.The only trouble left is – the timings of  his WWE  and my shows conflict.  :|  .     Anyways , I recommend these TV shows to everybody who looks forward to some laid back TV watching of an hour or so to de-stress the mind after a hectic day at work ( and kitchen).

On another front, books I have been reading are ” A handful of nuts” and ” Notes from a small Room ” both by Ruskin bond. “A handful of nuts ”  is a story woven from incidences and characters picked (some real some fictional)from  21st year of life of Ruskin bond (thinking of which , I guess my 21st year of life would never make for a good story ).I find Ruskin’s humor very genuine and amusing.I wish, as a kid , I had read his books,it would have turned my childhood into more fun.

Another book I am going to read in this week is  “Ways of a Peaceful Warrior-Dan Millman ” gifted by my friend Nikhil and it looks very promising to me.

On web front ,I came across this link->  -An inspirational Educationist ‘s site- “Toys from trash” – explore it for yourself. As for me , I found a heaven of e-books there .More so , because when I downloaded “Ahabooks” , Arvind Gupta’s compilation of book titles which he recommends as a joy for reading , I found names of some of my precious books there , so , I guess , I am going to like the e-books.

Well, that pretty much sums up what’s going on in my life.I look forward to have a plenty of time to write more posts and share with you the great things that can happen in one’s life.